Making A Deposit

  1. 1.
    You need to first connect your MetaMask wallet. Click on the connect button. If you are on a mobile phone, make sure to use the MetaMask web browser.
2. Once you click connect, your wallet will prompt you to give the contract permission to interact with the wallet. Make sure to press connect on your wallet to continue.
3. When you are connected you can enter the amount you want to deposit (20 BUSD minimum) and then click deposit.
Make sure to send both BUSD and BNB tokens to your wallet for the deposit. You will need the BNB token to pay for all transaction gas fees. Each transaction consumes pennies for gas fees. A few dollars worth of BNB goes a long way. BUSD will be needed for the actual deposit.
4. Your wallet will now prompt you to approve the entered amount for the deposit. Approve the amount and then your wallet will prompt you a second time for the actual deposit. Approve the deposit and you are done!