1. What happens when I make a new deposit?

You will instantly start earning 3% daily returns on your deposit.

2. Can I make a deposit anytime?

Yes! Feel free to make a new deposit anytime.

3. What happens to my current rewards when I make a new deposit?

Your current rewards will auto-compound.

4. Is my 3% daily APR affected by the TVL?

The daily 3% APR is fixed and it's not affected by inflation or the daily TVL swings.

5. What is 3X Profit?

You can only earn 3 times your invested amount. In order to continue earning rewards, new deposits are necessary. This is a sustainable measure to keep a healthy TVL.

6. What happens when I collect my referrals?

They will go straight to your wallet.

7. What happens when I compound my referrals?

They will go to your invested amount tax-free and any pending rewards will be compounded.

8. Can I compound my current rewards?

You can not compound your rewards but you can collect your rewards and manually Re-Invest them back into the miner anytime.

9. Why is the 11/1 Strategy the best?

With this strategy you will maintain a healthy TVL for a long sustainable project and exponentially increasing your maximum returns by exploiting the law of compounding (Re-Invest). You can test the strategy for yourself here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m-y90tMaHaWgccs2SIYIy8Fye-JkQ8bPYXGkVy9cj5w/edit?usp=sharing​

10. Is this project safe to invest?

Yes! The project is immutable and safe. Once it is launched it can not be changed. No backdoors. The project will end if and when the contract no longer has any funds for payments (standard defi investment risk). You can read our audit for more details.
Last modified 5mo ago